SAM.SSA comes to a sweet end

March 25, 2015

SAM.SSA Final Meeting in Minano, Alava, Spain

The SAM.SSA consortium at the final meeting

The SAM.SSA consortium at the final meeting

On March 16, 2015, CiCenergigune hosted the final meeting in Minano, Alava in their ultramodern research building.

The nine project partners presented promising ways of treating pure sugar alcohol or sugar alcohol blends to achieve crystallization and the corresponding measurements, which they conducted and tested over the last few months. Several teams had been working on encapsulating and crystallization the most promising blends, while others tested and investigated ways of functionalizing carbon surfaces to make them super hydrophobic to MASA. Finally, the early stage prototype was realized within the project time. Basic concepts for further prototypes were discussed for further collaborations and exploitation strategies.

After three years of the project the consortium is optimistic about elaborating answers to the problems of thermal energy storage. The project ends March 31, 2015.

A joint dinner in downtown of Vitoria at the end of this exciting meeting day was accompanied by stimulating discussions for possible further collaborations.