Rhodia Opérations (RHODIA), France

RHODIA group uses the research of the operational excellence and its innovation ability to the customer results. RHODIA structure is built around six global enterprises and is a partner of market participant of automotive, electronics, flavors and fragrances, health, personal and home care. In 2009, the turnover of RHODIA was 4 billion of euros. Today, RHODIA employs about 15000 people around the world. The research and development of RHODIA innovation: growth driving: Leaning on a world network of ability, RHODIA invests near to 100 million of euros in Research and Development and employs 1000 employees in five modern and competitive research centres located in France, United States, Brazil and China. RHODIA holds three joint research units working on scientific fields linked with the priority of the group (physical chemistry, material, new technologies).

Rhodia, Laboratoire du Futur is a research centre specialized in the development of miniaturized tests and rapid appraisal methods. The 20-member, multicultural team have diverse and complementary technological and scientific backgrounds, including physical chemistry, robotics and micro-fluidics, computer science and chemical engineering. Designed to improve research productivity and shorten innovation time-to-market, the laboratory concentrates on the development of miniaturized research tools and the creation of innovative projects in the field of physical chemistry.

The laboratory has used its expertise in microfluidic technologies to develop tools and methodologies of creating phase diagrams in just a few hours instead of several weeks. Its work has also made it possible to acquire previously inaccessible process data from droplet size reactors. These data are used to develop chemical processes that offer higher yields, yet are safer and friendlier to the natural environment.

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Bertrand Pavageau