Romanian Rhapsody: 4th SAM.SSA Project Meeting

April 28, 2014

The fourth project meeting of the FP7 project SAM.SSA took place in Bucharest, Romania. It was hosted by IMNR, the National R&D Institute of Non-ferrous and rare metals.

The nine project partners presented measurements of pure sugar alcohol or sugar alcohol blends, which they conducted over the last few months. Further promising ways of treating them to achieve crystallization were discussed. Several teams had been working on encapsulating the most promising blends, while others tested and investigated ways of functionalizing carbon surfaces to make them super hydrophobic to MASA. Samples of prepared carbon material were handed over to the project partners. Finally, it was agreed that development of an early stage prototype should be possible soon.

After the half time of the project and its successful submission of its mid-term report, the consortium is optimistic about elaborating answers to the problems of thermal energy storage. The project will end in one year with a demonstration workshop that the consortium has already started to prepare.

A joint dinner accompanied by traditional Romanian music and dance concluded the two day project meeting.