3rd SAM.SSA Progress Meeting in Freiburg marked by a series of crucial decisions

October 18, 2013

On October 14 and 15, 2013, the seven European project partners got together to review their work conducted throughout the last 18 months. The progress meeting in Freiburg, Germany, indicated the middle of the FP7 project, which will be followed by an EC review. It was hosted by the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE).

Since the last meeting, the research partners had carried out further measurements on the eutectic blends: in constant exchange, they measured and modelled the properties for pure sugar alcohols and blends. Carbon foams were treated physically and chemically, and tested to identify the best host material for sugar alcohols. The results of these experiments were discussed in the course of the two-day meeting. Several efficient methods for increasing MASA thermal conductivity were suggested. In addition, improvement of encapsulation methods, thermal stability of capsules and compatibility of several materials were closely examined. Finally, the industrial partner presented a preliminary economic analysis in order to find ways of improving system efficiency.

At this meeting the consortium took several decisions regarding suitable samples and methods for further testing. Based on their experiments, they selected blends, discarded the unsuitable materials, and exchanged samples of composite carbon foams for further experiments. The partners have cooperated more closely in the last few months and will continue doing so to optimize their selection of host material and sugar alcohols blends.

The partners’ commitment reflected in their work presented and contributed to a lively atmosphere. The black forest surrounding the city of Freiburg offered a beautifully golden autumn setting for the 3rd progress meeting of the FP7 project SAM.SSA.