2nd Progress Meeting in Valencia’s spring: sugar alcohols, Spanish sun and blossoming almond trees

April 04, 2013

The Technological Institute of Construction, AIDICO, invited the SAM.SSA consortium to Valencia, Spain, for the project’s second progress meeting on March 26/27, 2013. For the first time, the project officer of the European Commission was present to evaluate the consortium’s overall scientific performance.

The nine partners presented the project’s progress and results, highlighting the successful demonstration of the feasibility of sugar alcohol microencapsulation. After long hours of examination and discussion, the consortium fine-tuned their work plan for the upcoming project period. The different research teams exchanged results and samples in order to enable cross-disciplinary work. Most importantly, the consortium made a few decisions regarding the project’s future direction; among others they proposed a set of mixtures of sugar alcohols in order to continue working with identical samples and reduce the number of experimental parameters.

The partners agreed that the meeting marked a significant milestone of the project, kicking off closer and more intensive research collaboration. The get-together at the Mediterranean coast of Spain showed that SAM.SSA is well on track to successfully implement the requirements set by the European Commission.