Centro de Investigación Cooperativa de Energías Alternativas Fundación (CICe), Spain

CIC energiGUNE is a new energy research centre based in the Basque Country (Spain). It was founded under the name of "Fundación Vasca para el Desarrollo de Tecnologías Energéticas" in 1996 and it was renamed to "Centro de Investigación Cooperativa de Energías Alternativas - CIC Energigune" in 2007. The centre has the backing of public institutions and administrations, and of companies directly related to the energy sector. CICe (16 employees) has a world-class research facility, cutting-edge equipment, an experienced management team, and a scientific committee composed of prominent scientists, entrepreneurs, and industrial experts. Starting research activities are focused on thermal energy storage (TES) and power energy storage (PES) (batteries and supercapacitors).

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Stefania Doppiu